Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Grassfed vs Grainfed

-Cattle eat their natural diet of grasses
-No antibiotic
-No hormones
-Cattle roam open pasture to feed
-Cattle naturally take 1.5-2 years to mature

-Cattle eat 90% corn
10% other: forage, cheap high energy feeds like candy, starch, bakery waste, potato waste, pasta, chicken litter, meat processing waste

-Antibiotics: 29 million pounds were used on American livestock in 2009 for illness & growth promotion

-Hormones: Implants or injections are used to increase growth rate by 10-15

-Confined Feedlots: Restricting movement prevents cattle from using energy so that they fatten quicker

-1 year to maturity: The combination of high-energy foods, drugs and confinement turns cows into cheap meat in half the time

Meat Composition of grassfed cows is significantly healthier when analyzed for fat and nutrient content: 
2-4x more Omega 3
5x more CLA*
More vitamins
More minerals

4x more fat per 3oz serving


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This is a wonderful graphic and tells the story simply. That is often the best way to share an important message! I will share it on our website:TheseAreGreat.com.

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