Thursday, May 30, 2013

25 Unhealthiest Conventional Foods [Infographic]

If the danger of toxic chemicals in your food isn't enough, take some of these stats into consideration when expounding the virtues of organic, especially in the case of the 25 unhealthiest conventional foods, listed below.

[via New Hope 360]

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BeyondOrganic said...

Do I have permission to use this graphic on my living organic website: Try Living Beyond Organic ?
THis is beautifully done. I was at a steakhouse restaurant lately, and they put on their menu proudly "Grain Fed Beef" as if that were a good thing!

Show me one Bison or Water buffalo on earth that eats grains as its normal diet. Sorry Cows weren't created for eating grain they were created to eat grass! (and legumes, and other greens)